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Adrift Adventure, Whitewater Rafting, Nile River, Jinja

Join us for some of the most heart-pounding whitewater rafting on the planet;
or choose another thrilling adventure.
Adrift enjoys an unparalleled worldwide reputation for safety and excellence.

  • Adrift is proudly Uganda’s premier adventure company offering whitewater rafting, bungee/bungy jumping, jet boating and river surfing on the Victorian source of the Nile near Bujagali Falls in Jinja
  • Adrift has an unparalleled safety record that is both  and admired and we aim to keep it this way.  We thank over 40,000 customers who have safely rafted the Nile with us including Prince William, Ginger Spice, Mikka Hakkanen, Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.
  • Leading the way, Adrift made the first-ever descent of the Nile river in Uganda in 1996 (10-years after first scouting the river) and hit world headlines before introducing commercial whitewater rafting to the country.  The company has the most professional and experienced team on the continent with over 28-years of worldwide rafting and adventure experience.
  • We have a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes and we offer excellent value for money.


Full Day / Half Day Whitewater Rafting

Heart-pounding whitewater rafting excitement; unequalled anywhere on the planet!

Grade 5 – 31kms – 5/6 hours rafting:
Adrift’s one day rafting trip is the most popular ride on the Nile – over 40,000 people have rafted safely with Adrift in the last 12-years.

Wild or Mild:
Choose to raft in the paddle-powered boats for one of the wildest raft rides on the planet, or opt to be rowed downstream by our professional guides in the safety raft.

$125  (Full day),
$115  (Half day)

Extreme Rafting

They can’t hear you scream underwater

Grade 5+ – 31kms – 6/7 hours rafting

For the serious adrenaline junkies. Join the Adrift team in the smallest rafts (only 13’ long) on the Nile for the wildest ride of your life. Expect to be washed from the raft by the mighty Nile whitewater and spend some time beneath a capsized raft. Finish off your day with a breathtaking plunge into the deepest part of ‘The Bad Place’.


Nile High Bungee

Leap over the source of the Nile from one of the most spectacular bungee jumping sites in the world. We specialize in tandem jumps, water touches and full-moon jumps
Frequency: Jumps can be organized at most times (including in the dark)



Raft, Bungee and Jet-boat

Always fancied a threesome but were too scared to ask?

Touch the source from Nile High Bungee, challenge the mountainous rapids of the White Nile in a raft then explode upstream in the Wild Nile Jet.
* conditions apply


Rwenzori Climbing Expedition

We have been climbing the Rwenzori mountains for over 20-years and our guided 9-11 day climbs offer an unforgettable alpine experience in Africa’s highest mountain range (5109m). First identified in Ptolemy’s maps of 150AD, the Rwenzori Mountains are only slightly less mysterious today than they have been for thousands of years.

$US 2910pp
(8-10 people)

Family Float

3 kms -  Grade 2 -  1.5 hours rafting
Fun for the whole family (ages 2 -72 years). Bounce down small rapids, drift between deep green pools and marvel at the birdlife on the Victorian source.

$US50 Adults
$US30 kids

1-Day / 2-Day Family Rafting

18 kms – Grade 3 – 5 hours rafting / river surfing:

An unforgettable family experience overnighting on a mid-stream island in the Nile. Includes both rafting and the opportunity to river surf on the legendary waves of ‘Nile Special’ and ‘Malalu’.

$US125 Adults
$US80 kids,
$US380 Family (2A + 2K)

$US170 Adults
$US80 kids,
$US449 Family (2A + 2K)

1-Day / 2-Day Rafting / River Surfing

48 kms -  13 hours rafting / river surfing

The ultimate Nile rafting experience. Thunder through legendary rapids, drift quietly through deep green pools and revel in the thrill of river surfing.


Wild Nile Jet

Race up the rapids at breathtaking speeds powered by 450HP of motor, then sit quietly as our expert pilot explains a little of the magic settings you have reached. An unforgettable experience for the whole family (ages 5-85 years)

$US75 Adults,
$US50 kids under 12
(30 mins)


Adrift have developed a number of innovative, powerful and exciting teambuilding programmes that range in length from 2 hours to 11 days. We have delivered programmes to many of East Africa’s leading corporate organisations and do so on a regular basis. Each programme is developed be-spoke to meet the needs of each client and many are run for NGOs as well.

Teambuilding programmes usually include a series of physical tasks designed to test the various aspects of teamwork. These are followed by expert facilitation. The entire programme is delivered in a fun environment with very productive results.


  • Is it safe?
    Yes. Adrift have an outstanding worldwide reputation for safety and excellence that dates back over 28-years. We aim to keep it this way.
  • Who can go rafting?
    We have a large variety and selection of trips suitable for ages 2 – 72 years. There is an adventure for everyone.
  • When can we raft?
    Adrift raft every day, year-round based on a minimum of 6 people. Many people join on their own
  • What should we wear?
    Remember that you will probably be in the sun most of the day. Bring a T-shirt, swim suit, board shorts and waterproof sunscreen for wear on the river (you will not need shoes or sandals). The water temperature is 27°C (49°F) all year round! For the end of the day, pack a towel, change of clothes and warm top.
  • What about the Bujagali Dam, won’t this be the end of rafting?
    No. The Bujagali Dam is currently under construction and will affect the rafting from mid 2010. However, many of the best rapids on the Nile will remain unaffected and our new rafting
    trips will start further downstream at that time.
  • Things you should leave at home…
    Valuables, jewellery, cameras and anything you don’t want to lose!
  • FREE Shuttle
    Adrift offer a free shuttle every day of our trips from Kampala to Jinja return
  • Where do I meet the FREE shuttle bus in Kampala?
    Our distinctive Adrift buses pick-up in Kampala from Backpackers (Natete) at 0700, Sheraton Kampala 0730, Nandos 0745 and Red Chillli at 0800. We also collect from other Kampala or Jinja hotels by arrangement. Bookings are essential.
  • How can we book and pay?
    You can book with Uganda’s best hotels, tour operators and travel agents. We accept most hard currencies, travellers cheques, Kenya Shillings, Uganda Shillings and Amex, Visa or Mastercards (a surcharge of 5% is charged on cards and 11% on Travellers cheques).
  • What about photographs and a video?
    Our professional photographer takes a series of magnificent still images of each whitewater rafting trip. You can view these for free or purchase the whole day’s images for $US30.
    Our professional video kayaker films the first day of each rafting trip provided he has at least two sales of the video confirmed for $US45 each. You can purchase both of these great products for $US70.
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